HR processes: how to develop efficient HR management

Enhancement of HR processes in our company has been acknowledged by the expert community: according to the results of the 2023 rating, we ranked the 18th in the Most highly developed HR processes sub-rating among all companies and the 1st among the energy companies. Moreover, in the internal assessment (employees' readiness to recommend the company as an employer) the result is higher than that of 72% of companies in the Energy and Raw Materials Extraction industry.

How have we achieved this? Read below.

Our employees are a valuable asset and the main creators of our success. For this reason, we actively work on the development of HR processes: we improve corporate culture, increase the HR management system efficiency and create comfortable conditions for professional and personal growth. Investments in employees’ development bring the maximum effect to the business: team engagement is increased, labor productivity is improved and workflow costs are reduced.

The Employees’ training

Professional and personal development of each employee is our top priority! That is why we treat our employees’ development with maximum responsibility: each employee together with his/her manager draws up an individual development plan for the year, including on-the-job training, participation in external and internal trainings, self-development and exchange of experience into this plan. Each member of our team has the opportunity to take practical professional development courses at the certified training institutions. We regularly arrange trainings involving experts and professionals. At EL5-Energo, the average number of training hours per each employee is more than 80 man-hours per year (which is about 10 working days!). Every year we strive for updating our educational programs and increasing investments in training and development of our team.

Social benefits for our employees

Taking care of people is one of the core corporate values of our company, therefore we are constantly working to preserve and maintain the health of our employees and provide them with access to a quality insurance system. The company provides an extended insurance program including chronic disease surveillance and being available to 100% of employees. The insurance program includes 4 types of medical policies:

  1. Life and health insurance policy;
  2. Voluntary medical insurance policy;
  3. Cancer-risk insurance policy;
  4. Insurance policy for traveling abroad.

Voluntary medical insurance program is the most highly demanded one out of the policies mentioned above. It allows the employees to receive promptly qualified medical care in the most popular medical institutions in the region where they live. This program includes outpatient care, doctor's house call, planned and emergency hospital admission, dental care, laboratory tests.

The employees also have the opportunity to undergo remote medical consultations and to have the policies issued for their relatives.

Mentoring and involvement

Mentoring is a connection between a more experienced employee and a novice that helps not only to share the experience, but also to create an environment for safe work and professional growth. We believe in the power of the ideas generated by each member of our team. Our improvement system allows everyone to make suggestions on improving efficiency, health and safety, digitalization and environmental responsibility. We strive to ensure that every employee feels heard by us. Over the 9 years of the system's existence, more than 5,000 suggestions have been made, half of which has already been implemented. Every year we conduct corporate climate surveys, where everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion and make suggestions. An open dialogue between managers and their teams allows us to promptly resolve any contradictions and find points of growth together.

Intangible benefits

At EL5-Energo we value the contribution of every employee. Intangible benefits are provided to those who share their ideas in the improvement system. Among the benefits we offer specially allocated parking lots, separate meetings with the director of a production branch, advanced training courses in any chosen area, as well as the role of a mentor and expert on the production issues.

This year, we have provided a corporate benefit program granting access to the unique discounts and offers from federal and local partners in such categories as Technology and Electronics, Restaurants and Delivery, Training, Leisure, Sports, Children, Beauty and Health and many others.