The first excursion of the industrial tourism project was held at Kola WPP

On 30 June 2024, the first "industrial tourists" visited the Kola WPP of EL5-Energo to see the unique project of the most powerful wind farm in the world beyond the Arctic Circle.

The participants were interested in the renewable energy and, in particular, in the technological process of electricity generation by wind. In addition to a walking tour at the wind farm, participants could look inside the wind turbine, which is comparable in height with a 50-storey building.

Experienced employees of the station conduct such excursions. With their direct participation, all construction stages of the facility took place.

The company plans to organise tours on a weekly basis on weekdays and Sundays. You can sign up for them at local tour operators with whom the company co-operates: Raduga Severa, Polar Star, North4you.