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  • about 1,500 employees already charge EL5-Energo with power
  • TOP 3 best employers in Russia*

* according to RBC rating (November 2022)

Electrical and heat power are generated by the coordinated actions of professionals, their qualifications, skills, and experience.

At EL5-Energo we appreciate all our colleagues, because each of them makes an exceptional contribution to the overall result and success of the company. Our main task is to create a comfortable working environment aimed at cooperation, development, and motivation of each EL5-Energo employee. This is how the professional team of EL5-Energo is born.

We welcome new talented professionals and invite them to join our dynamic team to become part of EL5-Energo power and make their valuable contribution to the development of sustainable and progressive power.

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5 reasons to be employed with us

  • Ethics

    A high ethical business culture, honesty, transparency, personal integrity, and respect for human rights, concern for the environment, health, and safety, non-discrimination, work in compliance with the legislation are milestones of our work that are highlighted in our Code of Ethics.

  • Reputation

    We are among the TOP 3 Best Russian Employers according to the RBC research. Among our strengths are the high volume of investment in business development as well as working conditions for the employees, including high wages and costs for personnel training, as well as a high-quality benefits package.

  • Responsibility

    We are actively involved in the sustainable development agenda and get leading positions in ESG ratings, rankings, and indices. With our unique expertise, we make the power generation process more reliable, both through the use of a variety of power sources, and through building efficient business processes and implementing the best sustainable practices.

  • Safety

    Safety is a core value for all company employees. This is a responsibility recognized by everyone. All our employees have been trained in safety risk management and take a proactive approach to safety not only at work, but also outside the production processes.

  • Innovation

    We are convinced that the implementation and development of innovative approaches is the key to the future of power, and we consider innovation as one of the main accelerators of the company’s growth.

Labor dynasties

  • 147 лет

    The Krivonogovs-Popovs

  • 445 years

    The Radionovs-Pchelnikovs-Silichevs

  • 245 years

    The Ogurtsovs-Zhukovs-Mazins

  • 238 years

    The Morevs-Fedorovs-Karpovs-Khokhlovs-Shapkins-Zuzenkovs-Elizarovs